Personal Spotify : How a few tricks changed my way of listening to music

Actualizado: 16 de oct de 2019

There is an overwhelming amount of music to listen to. Simply ridiculous. Spotify’s library has 40 million or so songs!

Let’s say the average song is 3 megabytes. So, the library is around 120 Terabytes. That’s around 247 years. And it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

You need way more than a lifetime to listen to JUST Spotify’s library. Because there is a lot more out there.

Luckily, here are some tricks to listen to Spotify accordingly to your likes and discover new artists and songs.

1-. Link your Spotify with your Facebook

It always helps to have second opinions or recommendations from your friends. So if you

don’t know what you want to listen to, check a friends profile.

2-. Check out other curators within Spotify

No offense to Spotify’s awesome curators. Like we said, it is good to have second opinions or recommendations. There are some really good ones like Rizing Playlists, Work Hard Playlist Hard, IndieMono and more!

3-. Browse the “Fans Also Like” tab.

You may have similar tastes with the other fans. So give it a go!

4-. Browse “The Sounds of”

There is a lot of metadata out there. You can listen to any major city that uses Spotify. So if you are ever wondering what people are listening to in Acapulco you could always go to The Sounds of Spotify Cities.

5-. Go even bigger with the metadata!

There is this amazing site that I love. is this gigantic music map divided by genre, rhythm, country, etc. You can get lost there for hours. (Believe me, I know)

So what are your favourite ways of listening music on Spotify?

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