The authenticity of Camille Mandoki

Every time they ask me what I think it's the key to success as a musical artist, I always say that they must have a record label with an impeccable marketing team or authenticity.

When something is "unique" or authentic it is more than notorious. You try to decipher where you have seen or heard it before. Many times references are found and many more do not.

This is the case of the independent musical artist, Camille Mandoki. Who I found by chance in an article by Vice. In which, they tried to describe the unusual of Camille's music. My curiosity led me to listen to her and I have not stopped since then.

My attempt to describe it is:

"Camille's music is a pissed, distorted and immersive prayer. Hypnotizing ethereal loops that plunge you into a numbing state of disoriented meditation. Illusory imperturbality with a perpetual touch of irresolution. Enya's serenity, Mica Levi's uneasiness and collaboration of abysmal distortion of Concepción Huerta. Experimental theatrical interpretations joined with a group of women called "the room of confessions of sounds and bodies" where you can enjoy the appreciation of despair, anguish, insecurity, anxiety and discomfort. If it were a movie's soundtrack, it would have to be from Fincher, a thriller like Ex Machina or something animated like La Planète Sauvage. A perfect demonstration of how space and time are intertwined. "

As a brand manager, I am always on analizing the artists' image and concept. The first thing I did (in addition to following them on Spotify) was to look at their social media.

As you can see, it does not have "many" followers. And much less consistency with their posts. And that is exactly what I do; to generate more followers, consistency in digital media and get sponsorship from brands. When I saw this I wondered why so little interest in improving their social networks. Because for me, it is key for a musical artist.

Then I came to this post:

With 31 days left for their Kickstarter campaign they had completed 30% of what they need and have only 1 "I Love it" in the post. Impossible, I thought, they certainly did not reach the goal.

Of the 65,000 they needed they got 70,358 MX with only 56 people.

Perfect description in 3 paragraphs. The "Pledge" or "Promise" has excellent materials that adapt to the price and is what most fans are willing to pay and buy.

Camille's fandom is so strong that a superfan was willing to pay 9,000 MX. In the first half of the campaign they managed to gather 30% or 19,500 MX. In the second half they managed to collect 51,038 MX. The fans knew that it was a bet from the beginning. That those who contributed 150 MX were going to win the same as if they contributed 350 MX. However, they exceeded the goal.

What amazes me most is that, normally, at least about 100 superfans are needed. Bands with 10,000 followers on any social network up achieve that amount of superfans, and many times, they don't. I have had the opportunity to advise artists. One of them has played at the EDC and has 43,000 monthly listeners, but has no superfan.

56 people were willing to pay 70,000 MX. Of the 1,278 monthly listeners; 56 people were those who fulfilled the dream.

But what makes Camille so authentic besides his music? It's a complicated simplicity.

"I don't consider myself a musician. I experiment with vocals, filters and loops. I really like improvisation. I play a lot with the surroundings of the voice and the voice is the fixed thing."

"There is always some improvisation in some form or another, but with a clear starting point. If there is not enough space to create at the moment, for me it is boring. But if there is too much space, it is also boring."

Camille has played at Sónar, NRML, Red Bull Music Academy, Centro Cultural España, MUTEK. I imagine many more.

Great things are coming for this bomb that smokes Delicados. And they have another superfan in their collection.

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