Music video breakdown: Bastille-Oblivion

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xMay 14th, 2016

In my opinion, 2014 music video“Oblivion” is Bastille’s first single were they broke free from the stigma that they were too “pop”. The band made a more mature song that appealed to a larger audience. Lyrically, the song makes the listener think about the impact they’ve had on their world. Lines such as “Are you going to age with grace / will you leave a path to trace?” makes us ponder about our own mortality.

To begin the video, we lay eyes on Sophie Turner trying to adjust to her unfamiliar surroundings, checking trophies and photos out inside a trailer. Nervously checking her hair and makeup before beginning to walk into a demolition derby arena.

While the lights in the arena are all focused on her preparing to sing, the crowd becomes silent. She takes a couple deep breaths before becoming comfortable and begins to lip sync the song “Oblivion”.

Shots of demolition derby cars arriving into the arena. Clash between each other. The driver’s perspective. Close shots to the cars and the props on the cars.

Direct shots of the crowd being your average person wearing average clothes enjoying a show. Create a familiarity connection with the audience. Shot at the bleachers, the crowd inside and outside the arena chatting with themselves, standing and/or walking.

As the video ends, Sophie will attempt to convey her growing confidence and do something that will cause an impact. Pictures of her dad are next to the trophies in the trailer. She sets the microphone down and puts on a helmet. Ready to participate in the derby.

Both are known in UK’s popular culture. In 2014, they had a growing fanbase. On their Twitter, Sophie had 761 followers, while Bastille had 1.12 million.

They wanted to expand their fanbase to other countries and subcultures with the concept of making people of the UK participate in an American hobby.

They had relatively short careers at the time. Sophie was on the fourth season of Game Of Thrones while Oblivion was the tenth release single and the band started in 2010. Meaning, they were 4 years old. Turner and Bastille were both upcoming artists, having almost the same number of followings on their social media. Collaboration with different yet similar markets (in this case TV series and music). In the music business, it is always a great marketing strategy if the brands' concepts compliment each other.

The project consists of showing another face. A serious, brave and meaningful one, that resembles the song.

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